This is a continuation of my previous post.

For the past few months, the Lord has been speaking to me to have less social media time but I didn’t even bother. He has spoken to me through mentorings, even through some people and even in my prayer time. So, I believe that everything happens for a reason. So my phone who has been working so fine, died(haha) last Jan.28th (dili na mo.on ug kalit) And I dont know why. It did nit show any signs that it wouldnt work anymore.

By the way, after a week my phone died on me — andrew’s brother let me borrowed his phone. Right now i did not plan yet of having a new one. I am still waiting for God’s go signal.But still i’m up for the challenge of not opening my FB and instagram even if it’s too tempting .I didn’t say that I will no longer be using social media forever but right now I just want my heart to be right with the Lord and not hearing any voices except from GOD alone.

Today, February 13,2019 is the 3rd week of not opening my fb Application and instagram. Thank you Lord for helping me out and having this courage
not to be too attached with social media.  Psalm 101:3 ” not set before my eyes anything that is worthless.

Please dont misunderstood me that social media is worthless because for some it is useful and it helped them. I am speaking of my own experience of how the Lord commanded me to lessen social media because I am not hearing Him clearly. As they say, it’s pruning time.

With that being said, I believe I missed a lot of miraculous things that God js about to do because my heart wasnt ready yet at that time! I missed hearing the voice of God so clearly. I missed the times when the Lord wants to speak to me .I did not hear Him clearly because of the world’s noise.

Rechecking of one’s self is a must really. God wants to work in us but He cant get through because my heart was not with Him totally.

Well, you know how very hard it is for me not to use fb and instagram (as they say, social media is life) 

But I tell you,I am enjoying life even more and more without even capturing everything on my phone and post it. And this is all by the grace of God!And I want more of it!

I am able to do my devotional without distraction(no need to scroll on my fb newsfeed and instagram),
I spend my time with my husband even
without my phone with me (and not need to post instastories how happy I am with my married life), we(my husband) were able to have eat outs without annoucing it on my facebook,was able to spend time with my family without letting others know.

Isn’t that wonderful?
I never thought I could do this. Indeed Phil.4:13 is too real. His word is powerful!

I just want to share one thing out of the many things I learned out from this ongoing experience: 
People (us) wants affirmation in a way that it makes us feel good. All along i did not know that I have been wanting affirmation through my posts and insta stories. When people see our posts and like it, or they see our instastories and lookin’ like we got everything together ,showing it off how life is good but the reality is,we dont have it altogether. And that’s a sad story to tell.

Everybody is trying to fit in.And as Christians, we were not born that way.

Affirmation should be directly coming from the Word of God- from God Himself so we will not look for someone else or something else to fulfill it for us.

We have to make sure where our life is being anchored -is it in the Word of God or is it in this world?

“When i’m listening for Your voice. And i’m shutting out the noise. I know that You will speak clearly” (Lyrics from Praise before my breakthrough)

Romans 12:2
2 Do not conform to the pattern of this
world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.


There’s something beautiful

Here’s to the first day of not having an android phone.
My phone died, it wouldn’t charge and “it” gave up on me after 4 years of service.

Honestly, I dont know how to feel. If I’ll be worried or i’ll be happy.

First, nowadays having a phone is a necessity —
why, because it’s an all in one phone. Alarm, schedule reminder, family update, cell group updates, and social media updates (to be honest jud haha)I really wondered why my phone gave up on me when it was just fine months ago. But I remembered last Sunday’s preaching “UNDIVIDED DEVOTION”.
To be honest, when brother Ruel
mentioned about reading the bible while surfing the
internet, that hit me hard and got me guilty.

Well, i don’t do that all time but my hands just want to scroll over and over again on my phone without even noticing it if I don’t have anything to do.

Sad truth right?

Maybe, right now the Lord wants me to focus on my devotional time with Him without any gadget-hindrances. Have you ever prayed ” Lord, please take away any hindrances in growing Spiritually .  More disciples, more bible studies to be open and I want my 12 disciples to be completed”.This is not just a coincidence but for sure the Lord is talking to me through this. I don’t want to be a hypocrite of not buying a phone, because I need a phone but I realized before having a new one, He wants me to be ready. I know HE wants my heart to be right and to be in line back to Him that even if I’ll have a new phone, I will not be distracted nor make social media my first priority.

I know greater blessings are coming my way and I can’t wait to receive it with a right heart with the Lord!

Indeed, everything happens for a reason for a greater purpose.


There is always something beautiful in everything.



Bohol – where you can breathe fresh air, no traffic, simple living, where family reunion happens, less hassle living and UNLIMITED EATING happens too.


(Picture above is our aunt’s house and they also own a restaurant in bohol. You can come by and visit)

Been here a lot of times but it’s a little different this time because a new family member is with us — thy husband.😂


When we got to bohol, our very close former churchmates Dave and Abi Rublica fetched us from the Port off to ICM then to Loay. Thanks to these awesome people!


Second reason  why this trip was also special –because my cousin got married and guess what, we were one of the secondary sponsors (certified tita & tito of cebu na). Gumo-gors na jud mi. as in! hahaha

Meet the relatives:


And thank you to the Molina Family for always accomodating us. To Auntie Bingan (mama’s cousin) and uncle nestor, you always open your home for us and wala gyud mi gasto.❤️

But of course that 3 day trip wont be complete without some side trip laags for free. Thank you Molina family!

Went to few places only because we already traveled much before.

*Man made forest

*Hanging Bridge

*firefly watching

Let me tell you a secret, we watched fireflies for free and thanks to my uncle for bringing us to this place.❤️ This was so beautiful! If only we can capture what we see in our very own eyes.

So many things I want to sure about this trip, but I guess some may have to be noted just for my own journal.❤️

Thank you Lord for all the favors!❤️

For those who want to travel to bohol: Oceanjet (1 to 1&30mins travel via Tagbilaran) – 500.00 per trip

You can also travel via tubigon through star craft – 320.00 per trip

By the way, i love the Cebu port. Good job Pres. Duterte! It seems like we are inside the Airport.😂 And we can really feel the safety. Thank you Lord!




First of the many things we want to do.❤️

The husband planned this all along when he booked this 3 months ago. Wasn’t expecting at all but thank you Lord for this wonderful favor. Andrew tried to booked in different hotels but almost all were fully booked due to Holiday seasons. Glad he chose this place because we were at the 21st floor. All in my head was “fireworks”.

This was our first New year’s eve together as a married couple and we really did enjoy it. We were able to pray together after watching the mesmerizing Fireworks. That was really beautiful! PRAISE THE LORD FOR EVERY OPPORTUNITY.


This was our room. We got to enjoy it!

Breakfast buffet the next day.❤️


We got to pray after Firework watching.Thanking the Lord for everything!

We were in awe. Wasnt able to take a video bec we took time to watch it and see it in our own eyes.❤️ Beautiful! (Ive always loved freworks)









To be honest


Andrew: tinuod gyud diay gi-ingon sa imong mama gahi kag ulo 😂

In the span of 5months, I can say that I
am a super duper hard headed wife. I’m trying to be a perfect wife
(which consequently I am not and sometimes I can think how horrible I am as a wife).
Let me tell you straight, when wedding vows were made it seems like everything is just so easy to say and do
but it isn’t as easy as you think (dont get me wrong I am enjoying everything that is happening now. I just want to tackle this very important thing😁)
The very thing that a wife should be reminded of is:


Ring a bell?

Easy word
Hard to do
“What? You’re Christian and you’re having a hard time submitting to your husband?”
“You do biblestudies, you pray,you read the bible and you cant submit?”


I am, I am no exemption!

What is Submission?
SUBMISSION(n) –the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force 
or to the will or authority of another person.

To be honest

If there is one thing that I want to be honest about, this is it — submission. I believe a lot of wives can relate especially those who were independent when it comes to decision making when they were still single.
I grew up wanting to follow my own decision. Like — what to do,what to buy,where to go, what to eat, planning about the weekend, those stuff AND
if we planned, it should be done no matter what! I go crazy if you dont.
I know it’s toxic and what I am acting is not a Christian way. IT IS NEVER OKAY AND IT MAKES YOUR HUSBAND FEEL DISRESPECTED. I feel ashamed infront of God not following what He has commanded me to do. 


Andrew and I, have arguments especially when it comes to submitting to his decisions sometimes especially  when we do planning about the future, about the house or bills. I do follow at the end but DILI JUD MAHIMO NGA DILI SA KO MAKASULTI SA AKONG GANAHAN ISULTI ESPECIALLY SA AKONG POINT NA GANAHAN NAKO EPOINT OUT. HAHAHA which is so annoying by the way to him and even to myself at the end of the day.

Yes, I do have a problem submitting sometimes (and i am working on it on a daily basis) but I have been convicted A LOT OF TIMES TO LISTEN TO MY HUSBAND and SHARE MY POINT IN A CALM WAY(kabaw naka basta mastress ko and dali masuko musaka ang voice and this isnt good)

Please don’t judge me. 🙂

I was aware of this even before getting married.But I did not know this isn’t easy breezy command from the Lord but if you love Him you surely want to follow with all of your heart.

I feel guilty at times when I argue with andrew and see in his face the disappointment every after conversation.But he is trying to extend his patience and understanding. But I know it is not an excuse not to submit.Honestly,I praise God for the grace he has showered him.
Hindsight, the arguments we go through kept us reminded that we are not perfect and we really need Jesus at the center of everything in everyday of our lives.
If we really love HIM, it would be easier for us wives to follow. So i have been evaluating myself and i failed in this area. So sad but true!

But hey! GOODNEWS!There is always room for improvement.


So lately, what I do:

1. I keep myslef being reminded of the vows I made infront of God and the people who witnessed our wedding. 

2. I read the Word of God about Submission and meditate on it. (GRABE GYUD NI PAGKA MEDITATE HAHA)  

3. I watched Christian videos about Submission and about marriage which I thought at first is not needed but it is!

4. I talk to people who has Godly advices and are always open to hear you out. ESPECIALLY the people whom God has appointed to look out for both of you.




As what my Ninang Joy told me, there is a blessing when you submit to your husband.

We have a long way to go and I thank
God for always guiding us!❤️ And I thank Him for giving me a loving husband, who understands me and loves me. 
Excited for the many years to come!❤️  I know daghan pakog realizations in the coming years. Lord, be with us and guide us! Take control of our lives.. ❤️ 

Ephesians 5:22 

Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord

**How about you?  What’s your TBH? 


3months ago,

it was during afternoon preaching at 4pm Sunday service where in,Franco challenged everyone to pray for a heart to win souls and make disciples.

As far as I could remember,I was pouring my heart out to the Lord
and felt the need to kneel down. We were asked to pray together with our cellgroup. During that time, it was only chelsea who was there.We prayed and I did not know we both have the same prayer, to have more people who will come to know Jesus in our cellgroup. 

Days and weeks passed, to make the story short, chelsea invited Shiela and carol,

2018-11-05 12.20.49 1.jpg

2018-11-05 12.22.40 1.jpg

John prexous invited
Amethyst and apple.

2018-11-05 12.21.41 1.jpg

2018-11-05 12.23.15 1.jpg


And these 4 precious soul are so hungry to know more of Jesus and they have been consistently attending church and cellgroup at Lighthouse.

Just yesterday, they finished their Power Encounter Weekend, glory to God!
My heart is so overwhelmed. My heart is full of joy and I was just crying while
they are sharing their testimonies. Days before the Power Encounter, so many things to settle with their family
masteral class and work but the faith He has given me never diminshed. No doubt existed. No fear overwhelmed.
I have always believed that God can make the impossible turned to possible (Matthew 19:26). No question!

To Amethyst, Apple, Shiela, Chelsea, Carol —

I declare that yourhearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, to reach all the riches of full assurance
of understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery, which is Christ (Colossians 2:2)

And always remember,1 Peter 2:9
you are a chosen people,a royal priesthood, a holy nation,God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light and Colossians 12:11-13 — Never let the fire
in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord.When you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient.
When you pray, be faithful. Share with God’s people who are in need.
Welcome others into your homes.

Let the Word of God rule you and submit to Him.

Let’s conquer where we are planted and let’s together bloom for the glory of God!

2 timothy 1:6 For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.


Cellgroup A.B.L.A.Z.E | シ

A.B.L.A.Z.E ( Abiding in Christ, Believing in His Word, Living Epistles, Active Witnesses, Zealous Soulwinners, Excited Examples) ♡


What is Leave and Cleave

This means there are 2 types of relationships.

The PERMANENT relationship is the HUSBAND-WIFE. The TEMPORARYrelationship is the PARENT-CHILD.

Problems occur when these 2 roles are REVERSED and the PARENT-CHILDrelationship is treated as the PRIMARY relationship. (In other words, the parent of the husband gets priority over his own wife, or vice versa)

To leave also means EMOTIONALLY, FINANCIALLY, and PHYSICALLY detach.

Some may have left the family home physically, but remained emotionally and financially bound to the family, which creates a lot of resentment within the spouse.

The Hebrew translation means: to PURSUE HARD AFTER SOMEONE/ being GLUED or STUCK TO SOMEONE.

This cleaving implies that there should be NO CLOSER relationship than HUSBAND & WIFE, not with any FRIEND or PARENT.


(From Richard Poon’s blog)

Our story —-
(This was taken the 3rd week of July. FORGOT to take pictures of our place when we don’t have a chair and table) #AngPagsisimula hehe
4 months living independently and separately from our parents?  
2 months before our wedding, Andrew decided to get an apartment where we can stay after getting married. (We tried to get our own house and lot but it was beyond the budget we had at that time and a lot of papers to be processed but soon we’ll get one. God willing!).It was a step of faith knowing that we had a lot of expenses left and right because of the wedding preparation

but it was all worth it.

Kudos to my husband for living up to the “Leave and Cleave” process. We received  bits of advice, some told us to stay under the roof of our parents
while saving up for our own house and some have boldly told us it would be right to separate from our parent’s comfort.

And yes, ever since I was still single
it was already inculcated in my mind that once I get married, we will have our own place. No buts and ifs.

For this reason, a man will leave
his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”- Ephesians 5:11″

During my first week and having our own place with Andrew, I can’t say it was tough (because maybe I was thinking of the worsts and it did not happen and praying it will not. 😂)
but it was so surreal for us that it seems we are just playing “Bahay-bahayan”. Haha – it was kinda dreamy for us!

We always ask”tinuod na gyud ni?”. For us, it was really exciting to do the things we’ve been wanting to do which were not allowed during our boyfriend/girlfriend relationship days— Sleeping together,watch a movie inside the room,midnight snacking (kanang mangaon mo while watching a movie, naka pangbalay outfit and mag chika2x until midnight),travelling just the 2 of us,doing grocery together (which I love the most), etc. These are few of the many things that I looked forward to since the day I got engaged (aside from paying bills and having little arguments. haha 😉)

Now, we get to enjoy these things without any guilt in our hearts. Though on those first weeks, I had that separation anxiety feeling and it was so real. I really missed them so much that  I constantly text and ask them what they are doing or how are they without me. char. haha But in the long run, I got used to it but I still do update them and say good morning every now and then thru text. *clingy*

As I am typing now, I wanted to share everything we had experienced from the joyful moments down to the arguments,finances and a little problem of submission to the husband (i’ll tackle that on a separate post haha) Nyahai!

So many things to share about the goodness of God,moldings, struggles and how He had guide us through.

I know it’s too early to share these moments but I just wanted to testify that the God we serve is truly a good Father and a provider.  Andrew and I were not born rich that we could get  and buy everything we want —  that is why the goodness of God as our great provider is just so evident that we want to magnify it in our life because He has and always been great since the very beginning and we want to share it to people.Encourage people that once we have the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives, He will never leave us nor forsake us,no matter what our journey is. He will always be there!

Phil 4:19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

Happy 4 months to us in this cute crib of ours!That was fast! Praise be to God!

Below are some pictures when we first moved in to our own place/ 🙂


trivia: Most of the things you see inside our house were given during our wedding. INGON ANA KA MAAYU ANG GINOO! ❤️





Excited for the upcoming years.

Hope we inspire you!

P.S: We are grateful to all the people
who put their hearts in giving us wedding gifts.
You dont how much we appreciate it,  how it helped us in so many ways and  how much we enjoy it. AND THANK YOU TO OUR FAMILIES WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN SO SUPPORTIVE IN ANY WAY! God bless you all!