I will never get tired of saying this: Who would have thought? But I have faith on it even before I wrote it on a paper and posted it on my wall.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. 


This verse speaks so much to me/us that everything happened in my/our life was already planned by our Almighty Father who knew the deepest desires of our hearts.

I’ll tell you a story of how the Lord planned everything.

My mama always encouraged us to write down everything that we desire for this year and pray for it. And yes I did..

So this is what i posted on my wall a year ago

I have been desiring to go to Hongkong specifically in Disneyland. I always love stories,theatrical show,colorful stuff & magical stories. I can still remember how me and franco used to talk about travelling to HK. Then one night January of 2017, i wrote it down in a bondpaper and posted it on the wall of my room where i sleep.

Forward to December 3,2017, surprisingly I got engaged with my long time boyfriend (if you would like to know the proposal story, read my blog 😂). When my relatives knew that we got engaged,the sisters of my mother from Florida chatted me and congratulated. Everyone got hyped and everything was wonderful. My aunts (auntie angie and auntie maricar) were the most excited human being when they heard the engagement news. It was like everyday we chatted. So, because of the news, they planned to go home to Cebu to attend my wedding,planned for their itinerary.. Beach, canyooneering, post travel after my wedding.


So here goes the surprise..


Auntie Maricar informed me in a casual way that she and auntie angie will take care of our honeymoon travel. Right then and there, I was so shocked and i almost got teary eyed(nagsakay lo sa among sakyanan an na time with my family) Praise the Lord for everything. First plan was, we will go to Kuala lumpur with them, then second was China and then Auntie maricar realized that they will just leave it to us as to where we want to have our honeymoon – imagine, just the two of us. Both me and andrew would really love to travel to HK and that was the final decision. So my auntie angie paid for our HK plane ticket and Auntie maricar gave us pocket money on the day of our wedding. So surreal you guys!

See how God works? All expense paid honeymoon. Who would have thought? 


Note: This was our first international trip together and first travel without a CHAPERONE.😂❤️

So i went back to what I had written and posted on my wall, I see a working and living God right there! Amazing God indeed!😭❤️

See our HK pictures below. Thanks to my personal photographer, my husband.




DSC_0249 (1)







So many pictures to be posted but these are just few of it.

I always believed in Matthew 6:33

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God ans His righteousness. AND all these things shall be added unto you.


Where to next? ❤️

Another free travel soon? 👆💪




Friday thought: 1st month

Friday thought:

It’s been a month since we (me and andrew) live separately from our parents after we got married. It has been my prayer that once we moved out, the house where we are going to live will be filled with cellgroups,fellowships or bible sharing and He has answered my request. Though it’s too early to say coz sometimes we got hyped & months after we get tired. I am not bragging about this accomplishment but I just want to share how the Lord puts everything in order and how He wants every couple to be consumed with His presence, with His love and His comission.Take note, you dont have to be a perfect couple because we arent too, but it is encouraging and it is a great reminder that satan, the enemy has a mission to always destroy a family because the enemy came here to kill, to steal, to destroy. he wants to crushed us but wr are victorious in Christ Jesus!We would want a family that is protected not by material possessions but by the Blood of Jesus! Why i am telling this because the enemy is real, he is prowling and I dont want the enemy to win.NEVER!So I encourage every family to invite Jesus in their home, do cellgroups, biblestudies and Godly fellowships inside your home.💓If you dont know how, message me and ill help.you as much as I could.❤️

A surprise Bridal shower ❤️



It was just a typical Saturday,

checking my to do lists because it was days prior to the wedding day and saturday is for mentoring and p and w practice.

The night before saturday, my sister told me that we will go to JY square mall to
have a little celebration “kay kuno daw hapit nako maminyo” so we will spend time together. I dont have any idea but all i knew was we will celebrate.😁 i informed the p and w team that i need to practice earlier because i have plans in the afternoon. So we had our p and w practice, parted ways with the team and went to Jy where we will meet with my sister

While we were eating at  JY square, my sister told me that she needs to get something across jy. ALL along i thought it was becauae of the necklace of my uncle which he left before they flew to davao. So we went there, rode the elevator. I wasn’t aware that we already entered Prestigio hotel, it was blurr.

I never knew a surprise was coming..

When my sister got inside a room in the 3rd floor, i dont know what was on my mind on that time but suddenly when my sister opened the door, the surprise was there, i saw dena and pretty. They put on the flower crown headdress and i saw the instagrammable designs on the wall. Wow just wow. Superb!

Dena, ate and pretty were there. So i thought it was just the 4 of us — then suddenly andrew and the other
youngpro boys went out from the other room and shouted surprise with a bouquet on andrew’s hand. I was shocked and i wondered how they did it. They were good in surprising me! Good job! Well done guys! You are good at this andrew! Really!❤️

Well, i never thought of having a Bridal shower at Prestigio Hotel across JY square mall(sorry wasnt able to take a photo of how this hotel looked like outside). And by the way,I never planned having a bridal shower because we were prepping for the wedding (daghan gasto) and I dont want to hassle andrew in spending for this kind of event BUT God has greater plans and this was a day to remember. Indeed!


I asked andrew who booked this hotel and he said, he booked it months ago. *my heart is melted* Isnt that sweet?Of course, everything that happened was because the love of God is flowing right through us.
And i am also blessed with people who rejoices with us as we rejoice of this new season that we are about to enter.  Thank you LCA youngpros! I love you guys! ❤️


Thank you Lord!💕


P.s: i’d like to insert a video so you can see how surprised was i buyt i forgot where i saved it. 😭😂

Crowned with favors

Filed for a Marriage License yesterday. Thought we’re going to end up coming back to the office talisay city hall. BUT OF COURSE, prayer is powerful.

So we were informed that we will be having our Pre-marriage counselling on May 23rd. FILED our vacation leave and attended the counselling which was yesterday by the way.

We( andrew and I) dont know what’s gonna happen. What we know is, we are going to sit all day, listening and learning. And i was anticipating too, that it wouldnt be comfortable and it’s going to be hassle (because this is what i heard from other people). Also, I was dying to finish every requirement needed days before this seminar. But hey, I’m glad we weren’t stressed out at all and everything was smooth. AMAZING GOD INDEED!

But hours before that..

Before the counselling started, we met our friend from NLCF church,her name is Joan Chan and guess what, she spoke blessing towards our wedding preparation and the new season we are about to enter. She prayed over us and did an impartation thay God will provide. Wow just wow! My heart skip a beat! And.. This made our day awesome – when you encounter people who just prays for you and enjoys the victories and celebrations you have in life. Praise God for these people!


And to tell you honestly, processing this marriage license was no sweat at all because the Lord was there, all throughout the process. Everything was done just for one day. No hassle. No arguements. Nothing at all. And we were enjoying the counselling. We learned a lot.


Thank you Lord for you have been our strength and You have poured the favor we need this day!


Read below


Marriage license requirements:

1.NSO/ Birth Cert

2 .baptismal cert

3.Barangay clearance


5.Cenomar – if you want it faster, then better order it online

6. 2 valid IDs

7. Premarriage counselling


Just easy as that! 😀👊

Note: wait for 10days for the license to be released. 😁❤️



New season


December 3,2018 ,who would have thought that this day would come?

I have not written any blog about the proposal because I want to enjoy the moment and made sure that it was not for social media. I havent even posted it on my facebook except for instagram( bec it’s more private)


To tell you honestly, I was so clueless about this wedding proposal.

(Good job Andrew! You’re always good in keeping surprises.)

7 years and 11months is no joke and I would not say that we have a perfect relationship even in those long years. BUT THIS IS ALL BY GOD’S GRACE. Nothing to boast from ourselves because apart from Him, we are nothing.

I know that this is a new season of my life. And as of this moment, i am enjoying the wedding prepration. Though sometimes I barely get mad if my plans & suggestions would not be implemented as what has been planned(I know i have to work on that. 😉 ) Thank you Lord for every favors, blessings,financial support and miracles.


I have always believed in the bible verse – He made everything beautiful in His time. In His perfect time. In His wonderful time. Thank you Lord!



NOTE: Pray with us, as we prepare for our Big day!❤️



It’s been how many months I have not posted anything in this blog.


Today is November 6th, I am on leave and I have done a lot of things today even if I am just at home. Surprising isn’t it? haha.. It’s Monday and everyone is working so I have no someone to be with except for Andrew because he wanted to go somewhere but I told him that he needs rest. Such a clingy guy. 🙂

Months have passed and I have not posted what happened to me lately. If only I can narrate everything what the Lord has done to me, to me family, church and work, you will definitely say how the Lord is just so amazing. I have been planning to blog but sad to say my phone has been reset, so all pictures and videos has been deleted but I am also happy because my app screen and home screen are already working after a month.

I’ll be posting very soon. So many beautiful things had happened and about to happen. The Lord is just so amazing. Even in my unfaithfulness, He is always faithful.


See you around!