Dalaguete Beach Park

If you want to take time off from work or from school and don’t want to spend much, Dalaguete Beach Park would be good for you. This is in the South of Cebu and it would take you 2-3 hours to get you there.


How to get to Dalaguete Beach Park:

From South Bus terminal (near Elizabeth Mall), you can just ask the barker to which bus you need to ride on going to Dalaguete.

Fare: 91.00 pesos /each

In our case, it was so crowded when we get into South Bus Terminal and it was so hard to take a bus going directly to Dalaguete Beach Park. So we preferred to  ride a bus going to Argao then from there, we ride a multicab going to the beach which is for 25.00 pesos only.

Note: If you haven’t brought your own food yet, Argao is the best place where you can buy manok, liempo, bread and other beach essentials.


Tadah! This is the main entrance of the beach. Entrance fee is for 30.00 pesos only(adult).

Cottages and tables are available. I would suggest that you take the Tables which is only for 250.00(no limit of people), because it’s near the shoreline. If you love eating by the beach, then it would be the best option.


Rest room- 20.00pesos/each (dli kaayu mu-agas ang tubig)


You can play volleyball too.


Take note: Bring your own food. There is no store near to this beach, so better yet buy before reaching to this place.





Don’t forget, have a great time.


God bless everyone! 🙂


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