May 9th 2016, finally the Big day has arrived. People have been posting about the election for the past few months. Everyone is so open to whom their votes will go. Maybe I can say that this has been the most controversial or let’s say the “trendiest” election ever in my existence. People are now so vocal about their opinions of the government and yes democracy has now been practiced finally.


I guess, the photo above is so familiar. Haha Everyone did this after they have casted their votes. Hopefully, they are not posting this just because this is trending and to get some attention. Pinoy nga naman.

Of course, everyone wants change in our government. Free from corruption, free from poverty and free from crime.

So I am making this blog to  emphasize that “Change starts from within us”. Easy to say, hard to do.


Passed by at this place after voting and it is so evident that most of Pinoys don’t have discipline. Even in this simple instruction “no throwing of garbages anywhere”. I guess our Elementary teachers taught us that, right?! So sad to see this. And we have been posting on Social Medias that we want change and here we are, even in this ‘simpliest” rule, we can’t even follow. So let’s change for our country, Philippines.


God bless the Philippines.

“You’re the God of this City
You’re the King of these people
You’re the Lord of this nation
You are..”








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