Dear you, He knows you.

Remember that Jesus loves you more than anything else.

He sees you, every part of your system can not be hidden from Him.

Every time you rise and fall,He feels it and sees it.

When you are broken to pieces, He knows the detail of it.

Those happy moments you have,He was a witness. 

Those times when you can hardly pray because you are too busy, He still hears you. He knows what is in your heart. 

He sees you when you are happy, sad, mad, worried  or even confused. Even those times when you are just staring blankly on the wall. 

Every detail of your body, He carved it perfectly for You— you don’t even have to change it. 

When you were crying at night  because you were hurt, He was there.

He was there.. He is waiting for you.. He wants to hear your voice, calling unto Him. He wants your dependency on HIM. He wants you.. All of you. 

Dear you, 

No matter what you are going through, he sees you. 

He sees you. He feels you. 


He is always at work! 

Dear you, 

Always remember JESUS LOVES YOU. If you feel that you are not worthy because of your sins, Jesus still loves you. No matter who you are or what you have done. 

Dear you, 

He knows you, He knows your name. He knows what is happening in your life. He don’t miss a thing. Every part of you belongs to HIM. 

No need to worry. 



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