A.B.L.A.Z.E (Abiding in Christ,Believing in His Word, Living Epistles, Active witnesses, Zealous soul winners, Excited examples)

Matthew 4:19 ” 19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Last Sunday, we prayed together with Ghiecel, Mia and Juvelyn that on the coming Cellgroup we can invite new people. The Lord did not disappoint us really. We have 3 visitors and I know that this is not just an accident. I pray that these young ladies will get to know more about who Jesus Christ is. One day, I’ll see them leading a Biblestudy. Lord, I pray that they will have the passion to fish for people, to let the people know about Salvation. I pray for Team ABLAZE, that we have the confidence from You to share the GOOD NEWS, to invite people, to share about You. Seal these ladies with you MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD!


To more souls. To more cellgroups and biblestudies.

This is all for you Lord. And thank you to one of my partners in ministry, my sister.


Use us more for your Kingdom oh Lord!



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