Do’s and Dont’s

Going over my facebook homepage, I saw a lot of “maoys” and “hugot” posts.  What’s up with this day? Heartbreaks here and there. So, I decided to come up with this blog.

To all the women/girls out there, I’m posting this DOs-and-Donts of mine;  when you just broke up with your bf, when you are mad at him or when you are at “war”.

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Think twice of what you will and about to do to let these negative feelings all out. (Better listen to Christian songs)
  3. Social Media is the place right now where you can vent out but it is NEVER the right place —- especially facebook. (private blogposts will do) 😀
  4. Never posts your “problem”. Do not announce it to the whole world. (Some people would just make it complicated or worst,make fun of you)
  5. Don’t make life complicated so better stop posting bitterness about your bf or ex-bf. It is a  NO NO! 
  6. Better write in on a paper, your journal notebook or anywhere you want. Just don’t let other see how pathetic you are feeling. hahaha 
  7. Keep your composure. Girls, you know what that means! STOP POSTING ABOUT THE BREAK-UP. It will N-E-V-E-R help you. NEVER!
  8. Are you even listening to yourself? Don’t embarass yourself, oh please. 
  9. Make sure that you won’t regret what you did. Once you post it, they will see it. Some of them may do a “screenshot” on it (which I do at times. hahahaha)


Did it help you? If not, then read it one more time. 🙂 


God bless!



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