So posting these pictures of sweetness is never a nonsense. I just want to  share what happens during my weekends. 

People thought that my life is just too boring. But hey, I always have an energetic and “people-who-loves-to-eat” churchmates. We always eat out from carenderia, to fastfood, coffeeshops or restaurants.  I always spend a lot of money during weekends than weekdays. Why? Because we eat a lot!!! When you say a lot, that is beyond what our stomach can contain. 🙂  

We always do this every after church ministries. It’s a reward for us, after the stress.

As I always say, there’s no place I’d rather be. Thank you Lord for the “team weirdos” who always makes my weekend fun and productive. 

                      By the way, there’s a new Everest open near out place. You can visit and surely you will have fun chitchatting while eating. 🙂 (ayaw lang jud kaayu pag expect sa icecream jkay barato ra baya so dli jud pareha anang gelatissimo. hihi)

Team weirdos..

My Saturday story. What’s yours?


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