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Welcome to Moalboal, the 4th municipal income class municipality in the province of Cebu. Team Jesus invaded the South Part of Cebu famous for their Dolphin watching and Sardine Run. 

Before  we arrived at Moalboal, days before our travel date we tried looking for an affordable place good for 6-8 persons where we can cook and bring food without corkage. Though I have been here for the 4th time but still I googled for places where we can stay and saw a lot of Blogs about it.

So finally, we have decided to stay at Nanay Terry’s place and not even a single regret popped out in our mind.

No corkage. No limit of heads. You can cook. With cr inside the room and water. With 3 beds which is good for 6-7 persons. And we paid for 1,500 pesos. 

You can contact her at this number: 09239219703

2016-10-24 11.43.40 2.jpg

This is how it looks like inside the room. It’s not hot, electric fans can compensate the weather though. And what I love about Nany terry’s place, it is not crowded. It’s peaceful and relaxing.


This is the beachfront of Nanay Terry’s place. 🙂 See how lovely this place is?

The first day of our trip, we did not do any outdoor activity but we spend our time having devotional time with the team. Praising God for His greatness in our lives. This should be done every before starting the adventure. 🙂


Here are the activities the next day. Though this was unplanned, but it turned out to be fun:



Dolphin Watching..

Went for a Sardine run. Sad to say we have been trying to get ourselves an underwater shot with the Sardines. hahaha Maybe, our bodies were too heavy. 🙂

Swimming at Pescador Island.

Goodnews! These goggles and life jackets are for free.No additional cost.  All in all, we paid for 2000 pesos for this adventure. Isn’t that affordable?

After the long ride in the boat,we ate our lunch and went to the most known spot of the beach where there are a lot of people. hahaha 🙂 But  I can assure you the beach is really clean but it was too hot. Grabe kaayu ka init, di ma bang-bang!

This spot is the place to chill and have a great chitchat with your friends.

Meet my Squad —- Team Jesus!

It was a long fun filled day really. Got time to relax and enjoy the nature. Thank you Lord!

By the way, how to get to Moalboal:

  1. You can ride a bus at Southbus terminal (110.00)
  2. You can ride a Vhire (100.00)

Enjoy everyone!!!!! Hope you had a great time reading my blog. 🙂 ’til our next adventure. 

P.S: Grabe ka helpful ang mga taw sa Moalboal.Kudos to Nanay Terry who have been so helpful and accomodating.

***PSALM 95:4-5
4 In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him.5 The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.

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