My Purpose

“Your will is my will.  Your heart is my heart.” 

It’s been years I have been teaching and leading Sunday school now with the help of other teachers at church. I remember how I grew up attending Sunday schools, learning Christian songs and memorizing Bible verses. I never thought that I will have this burden teaching at a Sunday School where in fact I never loved kids. I always make them cry and I loved to quarrel to them.

The passion I have right now in sharing God’s Word to these kids are so different than before. This has no longer been a routine for me every Sunday but a sweet responsibility and a gift that the Lord has given me. If it is His will, then it will be also my will. If the heart of God beats for these kids, then my heart will also beat for these kids. 

2016-10-25 04.21.19 1.jpg

Sometimes, my patience looses and tried but the love I have for them will never fade. haha..

I have a BIG dream for them. I have been praying for them. And I have faith that they will grow knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.

They might be too young in knowing the Lord, but I know He is working right through in every young’s heart. It is my pleasure serving the Lord. It is a great opportunity to be part of God’s ministry. Life would be useless when you are not serving the Lord. Life would be meaningless if we have not serve the Lord mightily with all our heart,soul and strength.


26 Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me. John 12:26


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