Team Weirdos

It’s His spirit that enables us and gives us boldness, even when the world labels us.

And if you wanna label us please call us a “Jesus Freak”/ Weirdos. If that freaks you out, good..

By a world that could never understand
So let it be understood that we don’t worship man
WE worship Jesus!

and it’s time to celebrate..


He has done great things. He has done marvelous works. He has joined us together so we could be a family that helps each other,build up each other and encourage one another. (That includes, bullying each other.haha)

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So yesterday Dec.18th was our Youngpro Thanksgiving party(insert ang mga wala naka attend). Buffet was our choice coz we love to eat, who doesnt?

St.Mark’s Hotel buffet

This celebration happened because we want to acknowledge how the Lord has blessed this ministry from the start up to forever(kay naay forever kang Lord). A lot of things happened this year, it may be joyful and in pain, but the Lord reminded us to love each other and respect each other.  This year was full of a rollercoaster ride but we want to highlight the things that the Lord has done in our ministries, to this family and even to ourselves. Joyfully celebrating God’s goodness and faithfulness throughout the year 2016. And we are so looking forward to what He will be doing in 2017.

Cheers to 2017.

Meet the weirdos:

What happened during the party:

Giveaways from franco.😂😘
Ended the night with coffee. 😁
And saw this when we went home.

He was faithful yesterday, He’s faithful today. He is faithful forever!


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