NO Internet and Signal




You read it right!

Yes, it happened in Cebu. It was for real. And it was no joke.

The day before this happened, I did not believe 100%. There was on the other side of my brain saying “grabe sad, wala juy signal and internet. Impossible”. 

January 14th, I woke up, directly checked my phone. Hoping that it was not true, hoping that it was just a dream (char lang, oa ra)

Short horror story begins: No signal indeed.


But I was happy knowing that I still have an internet. I said to myself, see they can’t do that to us. So I tried chatting because on that day we will be having our Praise and Worship practice @ 10AM. But no one replied and my sister told me “walay internet basta data or free data sila”. Then and there I realized we have Wifi so I was able to use the internet. gaaaaah!

Moving on to the nightmare and horrific moment of my life. I went to church exactly 10am for our P and W practice but no one was there. Tried to compose myself because maybe they were just caught up by traffic. An hour passed by, still I have not seen even a shadow from my churchmates.

Sorry, but I don’t have enough patience when it comes to waiting. Asa na ang fruit of the Spirit?  But isn’t it ironic? I still waited.. It was for the practice and it was for the Lord.  🙂

Because there was no internet, I have no pocket wifi, there was no signal (I cant text nor call), how in the world I can reach them? 

Processed with VSCO
While waiting, took a photo, tried video time lapse, tried everything in my phone incase I have not discover everything on it. hahahahahahahahaaaaaa! I never do that when I have signal and internet. 

Finally, one of my churchmate arrived then waited for another hour.. and finally, ariel happened to us. The whole P And W team arrived exactly 12:00Pm. Imagine, how long I have waited.. Patience is a talent!

So we practiced and after we practiced, we ate our lunch  at Da Vinci’s. For the first time in forever,we were able to talk  to each other without even looking to our cellphones nor holding our gadgets. It was one for the book! It was definitely once in a lifetime I think? hahaha.. Sometimes, I have been caught up with the “internet generation”. I usually talk to other people while looking at my cp. I know I can manage it and I can multi task, I can hear you talking and I can still empathize but how can we talk heart to heart with the people in front of us without even looking into their eyes. I am guilty of that!

After eating lunch, I told the boys that I wanted to go to a coffeeshop but of course, boys  dont like it.It was rainy and they dont like just sitting around, drinking coffee. haha! Mind this, there was no internet and no signal.. what will we do? I thought that it was going to be a boring Saturday which it had never happened and it will never happened to us.  We always find ways to have fun!

Check this out! 

These are the  things we were able to do during NO SIGNAL AND INTERNET. It was a good thing indeed. I never regret without having signal and internet. I enjoyed the day. 

We were able to record a lot of videos. We were able to enjoy the moment. We were able to enjoy the day conversing. How awesome was that? 


img_20170115_190033_4761Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO

Have you even realized how we are so attached with the internet literally with our phones. We can live without anything except for our phones. I heard that a lot, even myself.  That it gets to a point we are so dead over it. That sometimes, we are okay to stay up late facebook-ing, instgram-ming, youtube-ing,posting photos but we have not stayed up late talking to our parents, friends or our loved ones, of how they are and what happened on their daily lives. 

Today we are at a defining moment in the evolution and growth of the Internet. We cant deny the fact that using the internet is our way of communicating and reaching out to others. But the heart and soul of talking to people is already gone. 

Havent you noticed?

How was your NO INTERNET AND NO SIGNAL experience? 🙂


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