Mt. Naupa

So here we go, finally I have a new blog to post. 

“Climb every mountain. Search high and low.. ” 

Off we go to Mt.Naupa —–

Summer is fast approaching and people are so into island hopping, swimming but we preferred to climb Mt. Naupa. (Sounds like we are heading to Mt.Pulag right? Haha.) This is not a bandwagon thing okay? But we love nature, there is something about it that we get the feeling of relief and satisfaction and a time to appreciate and be thankful of God’s creation. How could anyone not love it?!


Meet the Trekkers of Lighthouse Chrsitian Assembly. Chaaaroooot!! The Team Weirdos is on the go for adventure once again. They look familiar right? Because they are all over my blog posts and  I always love to travel with them. There is no way that I will be travelling with other squad (squad daw oh!HAHA)  (Insert Andrew who took the photo)


Meet the perfect looking, God’s creation – Mt.Naupa. This is located at Naga City Cebu, southern part of cebu to be exact. Who would have thought that is is just so near and very accessible. Naga is known, so you would not have a hard time reaching this place. If you are from the city, just go to South Bus terminal and ask to drop you off at Naga or you can just  ride from colon going to Bulacao, Pardo or Basak,then you can drop off anywhere, where you can ride a multicab going to Naga. Easy as that. No sweat. 🙂 

Fare: 13.00 (it varies if asa mo gikan)

Once you arrived at Naga, ask the driver to drop you off at Cogon Chapel where adventure begins. Sorry if I don’t have pictures while riding the habal-habal, but I do have a video. Ill post it pretty soon.

Habal habal fare: 50.00 each

Trail will start at Cogon Chapel.. then the seat begins to fall.. hahahah


This is the starting line and off we go to the mountains. By the way, I started vlogging and it wasn’t easy at all (i’m grasping for air) plus video editing takes a lot of time and I don’t have patience. Still working on it. hihihi..

Tadah! Thanks to my stalker who keeps taking pictures of me. (thanks to the boyf). This is certainly candid shot guys!



These are one of the sceneries that you will see right infront of your naked eyes.How beautiful it is! Thank you Lord for your wonderful creation. Breathtaking view indeed!

Along the way..

The Bukid life
Naay tindahan halfway through the mountain.


You can relax before the real climb. aw

Softdrinks for sale.
Our 4th stop


Finally we are at the top of Mt. Naupa. And it’s time to enjoy. We are just in awe of how God created these beautiful nature.

And it’s time to prepare and put up our tent so we can eat, relax and have fellowship.

You can bring your own tent and food. And I would suggest not to bring a lot of things with you. Just enough for the day.

Putting up our tent.
Bought this food before we went up plus we brought junkfoods.
Enjoying the moment.
Celebrated Johnrey’s Birthday.
Praise and Worship time
Jumpshot is a must!
The most unique shot -jumpshot. hahahhaa This is a must!
Enjoying the comfort of our big tent.
Naa nasad akong stalker. Sige ug picture. hahahaha

The highlight of our climb. We were able to share the Word of God to these 6 kids. They received Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior.


Fellowship time at the top of the mountain. 🙂 ❤

Ended the day at Naga Park for dinner.

Where to next?

Psalm 95:3-5

“For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods. In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him. The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.”


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