Break the Silence

So this is my first “legit” run – I have been to different fun run but it was just for picture taking purposes (haha loser) like Color Manila Run, Milo fun run and not to mention those school fun run. 

I have been planning since last year that I ahve to try this kind of run- serious run as what I call it. Heard about Break the Silence Global run(Run for a cause to stop deaf sexual abuse,it’s run for a cause and it also a big help to support this kind of organization) from our company and decided to join. I am not a runner but a frustrated one. haha Thanks to Mr. Andrew for the registration and I have been finally able to join what I have been planning to do. Dili ra drawing! hihi

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My singlet,medal and the 2 lanyards (which means I ran 12KM and did not cheat. haha)

Started the run at 4:45AM. Assembly time was at 4:15AM.
My running buddy.

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When I saw this, it feels like I am a real runner.
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Few more kembots and I am almost there. When you see people started which means, it’s very tiring.

Honestly, it was not an easy breezy run. I have been trying to  runlike every after my shift but I was not consistent at all.. Where can we buy consistency and discipline?

My preparation was not enough. I know! Charot kung maka prepare murag marathon ang apilan. hahaha

And the week prior to my run, I was not able to jog at all because  I was too busy.. but here I am, trying out to measure my endurance and perseverance. THANK GOD I DID NOT PASS OUT! HAHA Tried my very best to run all the way until I reached the finish line.. 


While running, here’s my view.. Started the run at 4:45AM.

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I can’t stop praising while running. Beautiful view indeed!

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All along I thought I was almost at the finish line but I was told that I have to reach the next bridge of SRP. “Akala ko malapit na ang umaga hahaha. Akala ko isang kembot nalang hindi pala. PAASA!”

But yes I did finish it at an hour and 25minutes.Isnt that great? Not bad at all for a first timer right?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me indeed!!!

After a nose-flaring-kinsay-gasugo-nako-mudagan-not-easy-run, time for zumba to cool down.. wewww! 🙂 I enjoyed every bit of it.

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Ekembot mo lang hahahaha

Of course there were free food,MASSAGE and water. Woaaah!!! I HAD A LOT OF FUN!!! THANK YOU LORD!!


Meet the people that we ran for (left side pic) and meet my runningmates(right pic). Kinsa kahay wala nidagan ani nilang 3? Hihihi ✌✌

Thank you Lord for the favor. Til my next run!God willing!

PS:After this run, went home then spend the rest of the day at church. 🙂


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