To be honest


Andrew: tinuod gyud diay gi-ingon sa imong mama gahi kag ulo 😂

In the span of 5months, I can say that I
am a super duper hard headed wife. I’m trying to be a perfect wife
(which consequently I am not and sometimes I can think how horrible I am as a wife).
Let me tell you straight, when wedding vows were made it seems like everything is just so easy to say and do
but it isn’t as easy as you think (dont get me wrong I am enjoying everything that is happening now. I just want to tackle this very important thing😁)
The very thing that a wife should be reminded of is:


Ring a bell?

Easy word
Hard to do
“What? You’re Christian and you’re having a hard time submitting to your husband?”
“You do biblestudies, you pray,you read the bible and you cant submit?”


I am, I am no exemption!

What is Submission?
SUBMISSION(n) –the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force 
or to the will or authority of another person.

To be honest

If there is one thing that I want to be honest about, this is it — submission. I believe a lot of wives can relate especially those who were independent when it comes to decision making when they were still single.
I grew up wanting to follow my own decision. Like — what to do,what to buy,where to go, what to eat, planning about the weekend, those stuff AND
if we planned, it should be done no matter what! I go crazy if you dont.
I know it’s toxic and what I am acting is not a Christian way. IT IS NEVER OKAY AND IT MAKES YOUR HUSBAND FEEL DISRESPECTED. I feel ashamed infront of God not following what He has commanded me to do. 


Andrew and I, have arguments especially when it comes to submitting to his decisions sometimes especially  when we do planning about the future, about the house or bills. I do follow at the end but DILI JUD MAHIMO NGA DILI SA KO MAKASULTI SA AKONG GANAHAN ISULTI ESPECIALLY SA AKONG POINT NA GANAHAN NAKO EPOINT OUT. HAHAHA which is so annoying by the way to him and even to myself at the end of the day.

Yes, I do have a problem submitting sometimes (and i am working on it on a daily basis) but I have been convicted A LOT OF TIMES TO LISTEN TO MY HUSBAND and SHARE MY POINT IN A CALM WAY(kabaw naka basta mastress ko and dali masuko musaka ang voice and this isnt good)

Please don’t judge me. 🙂

I was aware of this even before getting married.But I did not know this isn’t easy breezy command from the Lord but if you love Him you surely want to follow with all of your heart.

I feel guilty at times when I argue with andrew and see in his face the disappointment every after conversation.But he is trying to extend his patience and understanding. But I know it is not an excuse not to submit.Honestly,I praise God for the grace he has showered him.
Hindsight, the arguments we go through kept us reminded that we are not perfect and we really need Jesus at the center of everything in everyday of our lives.
If we really love HIM, it would be easier for us wives to follow. So i have been evaluating myself and i failed in this area. So sad but true!

But hey! GOODNEWS!There is always room for improvement.


So lately, what I do:

1. I keep myslef being reminded of the vows I made infront of God and the people who witnessed our wedding. 

2. I read the Word of God about Submission and meditate on it. (GRABE GYUD NI PAGKA MEDITATE HAHA)  

3. I watched Christian videos about Submission and about marriage which I thought at first is not needed but it is!

4. I talk to people who has Godly advices and are always open to hear you out. ESPECIALLY the people whom God has appointed to look out for both of you.




As what my Ninang Joy told me, there is a blessing when you submit to your husband.

We have a long way to go and I thank
God for always guiding us!❤️ And I thank Him for giving me a loving husband, who understands me and loves me. 
Excited for the many years to come!❤️  I know daghan pakog realizations in the coming years. Lord, be with us and guide us! Take control of our lives.. ❤️ 

Ephesians 5:22 

Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord

**How about you?  What’s your TBH? 


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